A Traveller writes of his journey through Gropers Bush, 1869. "I cannot close my notice of this really prosperous part of the country without informing future visitors to it that a considerable amount of pleasure - yet not unmixed with surprise - will be experienced on paying a visit to the Groper Bush Hotel... Unassuming, neat and clean in its external arrangements - I am free to confess that I was totally unprepared - in fact, somewhat unnerved - by the salutation that greeted me on entering from the very furtherest corner of a capacious chimney, and pronounced by a deep bass voice which, although duly appreciated when performing its part in a chorus, grated harshly on my ears at the moment, not so much for the tone as for the words, which, as well as I can remember, were to the following effect: 'Who the --- are you? Where did you come from?' The first thoughts that entered my mind were that either my friend and self had fallen into an ambuscade or that we had intruded on sacred territory... A dark object moved towards me, and I was conscious that the eyes of the deep-toned voice were riveted on me in an uncomfortably searching manner, but which gradually relaxed into a rather pleasing expression, affording me considerable relief. This felling was enhanced when, accompanied by a hearty shake of the hand, I was informed by mine hostess (a discovery I had just made) that I was 'heartily welcome' to Groper Bush." Transcribed by Corey Woodw@rd