IMMIGRATION Superintendent's Office Southland, 13th march, 1863 THE Government of Southland being about to issue instructions to the Home Agents to lay on a vessel from the Clyde direct for the Bluff, with immigrants, the attention of parties interested in the Province is directed to the following sub-section 4, of clause 1st, of Instructions to Immigration Agents:- "4. Any persons residing in the Province of Southland, desirous of assisting their Friends in the United Kingdom to immigrate to the Province, may obtain for them assisted passages hither by drawing a Bill for the full amount of the passage-money to the order of the Provincial Treasurer of Southland, accepted by a substancial householder, also resident in the Province, and approved of by the Superinten- dent as sufficient security for the same. The drawer of any such Bill will then receive an order to the Immigration Agent, authorising him to give free passage to the Province of Southland to any person or persons named therein; and any residents in Southland will be able to assist their friends to im- migrate to the Province by undertaking to repay the whole of the passage-money in the manner above provided." Bills will be made out at the rate of 15 10s per statute adult. Application must be made at this office before the 12th day of April next. By order, H.A. GILLER Clerk of the Superintendent Transcribed by Corey Woodw@rd