AORANGI 4,163 ton Single Screw Steamer Built in 1883 at Glasgow for Union Steam UK-NZ round world trade vessel
Passengers who disembarked at Invercargill 11 May 1884 Cull Thomas 27 Cull Elizabeth 28 Cull Alice 7 Cull William 5 Cull Mary 3 Cull Charles ?m Dougald David 20 Dougald Christina 20 Dougald David 3 Dougald Stevenson ?m Gutschlag Carla 21 (Male) Gutschlag Louise 22 Gutschlag August 1 O'Neill Patrick 25 O'Neill Mrs 24 O'Neill John 4 O'Neill Henry 2 O'Neill Rosella ?m ?renlice (?) William 26 ?renlice (?) Grace 25 ?renlice (?) Jane 1 Burward Wilhelm 25 Church John 24 Gray William 22 Wilson John 21 McKay John 17 Morace William 20 Naughly Robert 30 Seaton (?) Andrew 18 Sutherland Frederick 15 Fahey Bridget 20 Klaus Bertha 20 Klaus Amelia 19 Lawson Hannah 22 Lawson Winnie (?) 18 Richardson Margaret 33 Sutherland Maggie 19 Sutherland Georgina 16 Passengers who disembarked at Bluff 25 Jun 1885 McKeon Jane 20 London (22 Jul 1892) to NZ via Plymouth (23 Jul 1892) Under Captain Sutcliffe SALOON Dangerfield James Auckland Dangerfield Mrs Auckland Belk-Smith Miss Auckland Condell Mr E.M. Nelson Cameron Mr M.P. Wellington Thacker Mr J.E. Lyttelton Wilson Dr George Wellington & Auckland Wilson Miss J. Wellington & Auckland Aynsley Admiral Lyttelton Aynsley Mrs Lyttelton Scott Mrs C. Wellington Hempton Mr J.H. Wellington Cameron Mr W.R. Port Chalmers Scott David Wellington SECOND SALOON Edwards Mr Charles Wanganui Garker Mr A. Wellington Bennett Mr G.E. New Plymouth Whistler Miss C.E. Wellington Jarvis Mr E.F. Auckland Charles Mrs A. Lyttelton Charles Miss J. Lyttelton Charles Miss A. Lyttelton Myers Mr F.P. Wellington Babington Col C.W. Wellington Babington Mrs Wellington Babington Miss J.H. Wellington Babington Mr J.H. Wellington Babington Miss G. Wellington Hughes Mr T. Hook Miss M. Wellington Petrie Mr G. Auckland Goodall Mr E. Port Chalmers Price Mr W.J.E. Wellington Eastham Mr S. Auckland Killo Miss M. Lyttelton Sladden Mr F.D. Wellington Mark Miss J.E. Auckland STEERAGE Patterson Miss Mary Bluff Patterson Miss Maggie Bluff Stevenson Mr George Wellington Parsons Mr F.W. Wanganui Parsons Mrs Wanganui Parsons Miss D.L. Wanganui Parsons Master A.F. Wanganui Taylor Mr S. Wellington Hearne Miss M.A. Wellington Harris Mr George Lyttelton Harris Mrs Lyttelton Patterson Mr M. Bluff Jack Mr A. Bluff Unsworth Mr T.B. Wellington Wilson Mr J.M. Wellington Hook Mr G. Wellington Hook Mr G.J. Wellington Powlesland Mr A. Wellington Jones Mr William Lyttelton Jones Mrs Lyttelton Jones Miss A. Lyttelton Jones Miss E. Lyttelton Jones Miss E. Lyttelton Hill Mr J. Napier Kendall Mr F. Napier Powlesland Mrs Wellington Kerrigan Miss M. Lyttelton Grigg Mr J.H. Lyttelton Note: New Zealand passengers only, Cathy has a more detailed list at the following web address: Source: Auckland City Library New Zealand Herald, 8 Sep 1892 (transcribed by: 0042007)
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