DONNA ANITA 600 ton Barque of Built in 18-- at by for
London (? ??? 1863) to Lyttelton (14 Jun 1863) Under Captain Smith ANSTICE J.A. AUSTIN A. BITZMAN J. BULL G. BULL W. CHEW F. CLARK A. CORNE J. EDGSON J. LAWRENCE MR. LEWIS MR. LEWIS MRS. JOHN LITZ F. LODGE MS. McRAE THOMAS MILLS G. MILLS J. MONKMAN MR. OLDFIELD W. PALMER MR. PARKINS DR. PRICE H. PRICE THOMAS RICHARDSON THOMAS SAVAGE MS. SHEPHERD J. SMITH F.J. STOCKHOUSE J. WHITE E. WHITE W. WILLIAMS J. (MR.) WILLIAMS T. (MRS.) WILLIAMSON S. Source: Lyttelton Times? (Excel file provided by Lindel) London (12 Aug 1864) to various New Zealand ports Under Captain William Davis BLUFF (? Dec 1864) McCrostie Mr John McCrostie John 11 LYTTELTON (7 JAN 1865) Unknown [Complete list yet to be located] Source: Cyclopedia of NZ & 50th Jubilee Reply List White Wings by Sir Henry Brett Transcribed by Corey Woodw@rd