HMS DRIVER 544 ton vessel (4 guns) Built in 18-- by for
Sydney (12 Jan 1846) to Auckland (20 Jan 1846) Under Commodore C.O. Hayes Busby Mr Crawford Mr Crawford Mrs Harrison Captain Yelverton Lt Hon. W. 1 Corporal 1 Sergeant 24 rank & file members of the Royal Artillery HMS Driver came originally from Hong Kong (27 Sep 1846) via large number of Asian ports. Source: The New Zealander, 24 Jan 1846 (transcribed by Jacqueline Walles) Newcastle to Dunedin (30 Jan 1865) Under Captain Cumming Kelly Mr G. Bell Mr H. Johnson Mr M. Source: The Otago Witness, 3 Feb 1865 Transcribed by Corey Woodw@rd unless otherwise noted