Recommended Reading

Some Account of New Zealand John Savage 1807
Journal of a Ten Months' residence in New Zealand R.A. Cruise 1824
British Colonization of New Zealand E.J. Wakefield 1837
Rambles in New Zealand J.C. Bidwill 1841
Narrative of a residence in various parts of New Zealand Charles Heaphy 1842
Travels in New Zealand (2 volumes) Ernest Dieffenbach 1843
Adventure in New Zealand E.J. Wakefield 1845
Pictorial Illustrations of New Zealand S.C. Brees 1847
Hand Book for Intending Emigrants G.B. Earp 1849
The Six Colonies of New Zealand William Fox 1851
New Zealand: Its Emigration and Gold Fields G.B. Earp 1853
New Zealand and its Colonization W. Swainson 1859
The War in the North F.E. Manning 1862
Memories of New Zealand Life Edwin Hodder 1862
A First Year in Canterbury Settlement Samuel Butler 1863
Old New Zealand F.E. Maning 1863

The Maori King J.E. Gorst 1864
The War in New Zealand William Fox
Station Life in New Zealand Lady Barker 1870
Centenary Memorial of Captain Cook's Description of New Zealand G.T. Chapman 1870
The Story of Otago: Age of Adventure Anthony Trollope 1872
A Little History of New Zealand: Discovery to 1880 E.M. Bourke 1881
Round About New Zealand E.W. Payton 1888
New Zealand for the Emigrant, Invalid & Tourist J. Murray Moore 1890
History of New Zealand Sherrin & Wallace 1890

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