AGNES MUIR ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
Glasgow (3 Dec 1870) to Port Chalmers (6 Mar 1871) Under Captain Anderson CABIN Horn Mrs Williamson Mrs Walker Mr STEERAGE Unknown (83) Source: The Otago Witness, 11 Mar 1871 Glasgow to Port Chalmers (24 Jan 1872) Under Captain Anderson CABIN Kerr Miss Millar Miss Kerr Mr S. Millar Mr J. Ormiston Mr J. Johnston Mr C.A. Cruikshank Mr W.B. Miller Mr S.F. Muir Mr W. STEERAGE Unknown (91) Source: The Otago Witness, 27 Jan 1872 London (4 Oct 1873) to Port Chalmers (2 Jan 1874) Under Captain Anderson Butt Mr Butt Mrs U'Ren Mrs U'Ren Family (6) West Mr West Mrs West Family (6) Moore Mr Moore Mrs Noakes Mr Noakes Mrs Noakes Family (3) Haville Mr Culonhouse Mr Redcliffe Mr Maidman Mr Webb Mr Source: The Otago Witness, 10 Jan 1874
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