AGRA 715 ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
England to Dunedin (4 May 1852) via Wellington Under Captain Maclean CABIN McGlashan Mrs McGlashan Daughters (3) Johnston Rev. Mr Johnston Brothers (3) Wilson Mr J.B. STEERAGE Unknown (40) Source: The Otago Witness, 8 May 1852 London to Dunedin (27 Oct 1858) Under Captain Boyle Mieville Mr Mieville Mrs Mieville Children (2) Cantrell Mr Cantrell Mrs Cantrell Child Cantrell Infant (born onboard) Cargill Mr E. (Edward Bowes?) Cargill Mrs Murray Mr Murray Mrs Murray Mr G. Murray Mrs Murray Children (3) Murray Mr T. Musgrave Mr Musgrave Mrs Currie Miss Davidson Miss McKenzie Miss Simms Mr H. Simms Mr G. Wylde-Brown Mr Holland Mr Angelo Mr Gordon Mr Roberts Mr Argles Mr Stephens Mr Oakes Mr Mackenzie Mr Hirst Mr Desparde Mr Hannah Mr Camelo Mr George Camelo Mr Samuel Townsend Mr E. Horton Mr J. McDonald Mr J. Simpson Mr J. Ford Mr C. Mitchell Mr James Mitchell Mr William Desmond Mary Hawkes Charles Hawkes Susan Hawkes Charles Todd James Todd Ann Todd Annie Hawkes H. Revel M. Benson C. Knowles W. Knowles Christina Dorothy A.J. Headland Alfred Headland Thomas Headland Amelia Mathieson J. Mathieson Helen Mathieson Donald Mathieson Jane Mathieson William Mathieson John Mathieson Eliza Mathieson Ann Mathieson George Mathieson Alexander Collins B. Dickens A. Miller J. Sutherland A. McGrathie D. Stoddart H. Neven J. Steel J. McLaren A. Gunn A. McAuley A. Stewart A.J. Stewart J. Manning Sarah Jones John Source: The Otago Witness, 30 Oct 1858
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