AJAX 767 ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
London (8 Sep 1848) to Otago (8 Jan 1849) Under Captain Young OTAGO Valpy W.H. Valpy Mrs Valpy Miss Ellen Penelope Valpy Miss Catherine Valpy Miss Juliet Valpy Miss Arabella Valpy Master William Henry Fulton James Fulton Robert Filleul Richard Filleul W.G. Jefferys Miss Mary French Edward F. Forbes John Stewart Dr Longuet Lewis Longuet Mrs Longuet Amelia Longuet Lydia Longuet Alfred Lewis Christie Miss Fowler William Fowler Alfred Chalmers Geo. A. Chalmers Nathaniel Redpath Thos. Ramage John Buswell W.H. Buswell Mrs Shepherd John Shepherd Mrs White William White Mrs White James White Agnes White Robert White Alex. Woolley Samuel Woolley Mrs Woolley Samuel, jun. Woolley Sarah L. Sutcliffe Henry Sutcliffe Mrs Strain William Strain Mrs Strain James Strain John Strain Wm., jun. Strain Margaret Strain Sarah Strain David Goodall John Goodall Mrs Goodall Chas. Goodall Wm. Goodall Emilia Goodall Edwin Goodall Walter Goodall Eleen Lothian James Lothian Mrs Milstead Joseph Milstead Mrs Milstead Misses (2) Gallie John Gallie Mrs Gallie Catherine McNichol Donald McNichol Mrs McNichol Donald, jun. McNichol Mary Campbell Robert Campbell Mrs Parry Thomas Parry Mrs McPhee Angus McPhee Mrs McPhee Hugh McPhee Alex. Campbell Peter Campbell Mrs Campbell John Campbell Ann Campbell Peter, jun. Campbell Jane Campbell Archibald Stewart Duncan Stewart Mrs Wilman John Hay George Hay Mrs Hay William Hay Jessie Hay Jane Hay George, jun. Hay John Sutcliffe Richard Sutcliffe Mrs Sutcliffe Miss Sutcliffe Henrietta Sutcliffe Emma Sutcliffe Richard, jun. Anderson John Thomson Wm. Fraser Thos. Brown Jas. Elder Dodds Thos. McNeill Andrew Styles John Culling Thos. Durden E.W. Brown Janet Brown Jane Norris Sarah Grant Isabella Walker Mary The following made so short a stay that they could not be reckoned permanent settlers: McHardy Mr James McHardy Mrs Bond Mr Richard Bond Mrs Leverage Mr Aaron Leverage Mrs Leverage Mrs, sen. Leverage Son Leverage Daughters (2) WELLINGTON (7 Feb 1849) Bennett Dr Bennett Lady Bennett Mother Dowson Mr Witherby Mr Piccard Mr Ramsay Dr Jeffrey Mr J. Jeffrey Mr H. [possibly internal NZ only] NELSON (9 Mar 1849) Cook Samuel Cook Grace Gore James Gilbert Gore Harriet Gore Catherine Gore Alfred Hartmann Joseph Hartmann Eliza Hartmann Louise Hartmann Charles Newcome Richard Picard Henry Plank John Stowers George Stowers Sarah Stowers Thomas Stowers William Taylor Eliza Walker Mary Witherby Frederick [possibly incomplete] Source: The Otago Daily Times and Witness (50th Jubilee issue) 17 Mar 1898 New Zealand Spectator, 10 Feb 1849 Nelson City Council Early Settlers Database (see www.ncc.govt.nz/net/settlers/search.aspx for more passenger details: Ages, occupations, etc.) Brave Days - Pioneer Women of NZ, 1939
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