ALFRED 497 ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
Geelong to Dunedin (10 Apr 1858) Under Captain Meyer Williams Mr Williams Mrs Williams Miss McMaster Mr Morse Mr Enuka Mr Source: The Otago Witness, 17 Apr 1858 (transcribed by: 0011998) Cape Town to Auckland (17 Nov 1864) Under Captain Aletta Maria Allen William Ally John B. Ally Helen Ally Helen Ally William F. Anderson James Bain Thomas Bain Wilhelmina Bain Thomas Bain Wilhelmina Bain Margaret Bates Ralph Benstead James & Mary Blaikie James Blaikie Margaret Blaikie James Blaikie Jane Blaikie William Blakeman Henry Blakeman Dinah Blakeman Henry Bridal William Bridal Henry Bridal Rebecca M. Bridal William George Bridal Mary Ann Bridal Henry Daniel Brown Cornelius Brown William Cameron Mary Ann Christie James Christie Margaret Christie James Collins Samuel Collins Mary Ann Collins Samuel Collins Susan Collins John Moore Croft Peter Crothy John Crothy Mary Crothy Patrick Dance James Dance Marian Delamere William Divine Patrick Donnell Philip Donnell Mary Donnell Margaret Doolly John Doolly Mary Doolly Margaret Doolly Jane Doolly James Fairclaugh James Fleming Henry Framley Patrick Fuller John Fuller Julia Furniss William Furniss Amelia Furniss Henry Furniss Amelia Gibbs William Gillespie Alex Gillespie Mary Gillespie Catherine Glendering Agnes Glendering David Green George Hampling Frank Hampling Anna Maria Hampling Joseph Hampling Hannah Hennessy Patrick Hennessy Helen Hennessy Frederick Hewett John Hewett Margaret Hogan Michael Hogan Mary Hogan Louisa Horn Edward Horn Elizabeth Horn Ann E. Hughes Henry Hughes Margaret Hughes Henry Hughes Andrew Hughes Mary Humphreys John Kasner George Kasner Anna Kasner Maria Kasner Ann E. Kasner Lissa Kasner Christina Kasner Frederick Kelly John; Kelly Mary Kelly Eliza M. Kelly Sarah Jane Kelly Thomas Kelly Hannah Kelly Hannah Kelly Margaret Keogh John Keogh Mary Keogh Mary Knight Emma Knops Mr Knops Mrs Kyers John Kyers Catherine Laing John McCafferty Rev J. McCallum James McCarthy James McCarthy Margaret McCarthy John McConnell Alex McConnell Jane McConnell James McConnell John McEdith James McKie Hugh McKie Sarah McKie Elizabeth McKie Hugh McKie William McKie David McKie Sarah McNamara Martin McNamara Johanna McNamara Bridget McNamara John McNamara Michael Machie Thomas Mahoney David Mahoney Maria Maloney John Maloney Maria Maloney Hannah Maloney Bridget Maloney Maria Marsh Thomas Marsh Mary Ann Marsh John Charles Martin Owen Mason Edgar Mason Eliza Mitchell Mary Murphy John Murray John Murray Alice Murray Richard Murray Thomas Murray Peter Padmore James Pickett Henry Pickett Ann Pickett Ellen Pickett Mary Power John Power Fanny Power Bridget Power Catherine Purcell Catherine Ridgley Joseph Ridgley Sarah Ridgley Emily Robinson William Robinson John Robinson Elizabeth Rothkugel Maurice Rous James Ryan Honoria Ryan Michael Ryan Ann Ryan Thomas Ryan Mary Ryan Thomas Ryan Michael Ryan William Ryan Bridget Ryan Alice Ryan Thomas Ryan Ellen Scott John Sexton George Sexton Ellen Sexton William Sloane William Sloane Mary Ann Smith Frederick Smith Philip Smith Ann Smith Joseph Smith Peter Smith Bessy Smith Philip Solan Peter Solan Bridget Solan Thomas Spence John Stapleford George William Taylor Henry Taylor Mary Ann Taylor Elizabeth Taylor James Taylor William Templeman William Timmos James Tindall James Tullis David Valentine Johann & Theresa Waddops John Waddops Ann Waddops Harriet Waddops Ann Waddops Mary Waddops Elizabeth Waddops Matilda Walsh Patrick Wedge Richard Wedge Jane Wedge Charles Welsh Michael Welsh Mary Wheeler Thomas Williams John Williams Sarah Williams John Williams James Williams Thomas Williams David Williams William Wilson James Wilson Jessie Wilson John Wilson Margaret Wisenden Henry Wisenden Emily Wisenden Mary Wingfield Stephen Wingfield Margaret Wingfield John Wingfield James Ziergo Carl Source: The Southern Cross, 17 & 18 Nov 1864 (transcribed by: 0042006)
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