ALPINE 1164 ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
Glasgow to Dunedin (11 Sep 1859) Under Captain R. Crawford CABIN Tayler Charles J. Munro G.H. Yule William A. Hall Wm. Sutter Jas. H. Sutter Mrs Davidson W.H. Davidson Archd. W.R. Hussey William Rolland James Rolland Mrs Rolland William Rolland Rebecca Rolland Eliza H. Rolland Adam Rolland James H. Rolland Wm. S. Rolland R.H. INTERMEDIATE & STEERAGE Aitken Robert Allan Mary Allan Barbara Allan Betty Allan Janet Brown Thos. Brown Mrs Brown Daughter Brown Sons (2) Allison Wm. Aitchison David Boag Robert Boag Mrs Boag Barbara Black Ann Black Daughters (4) Brown Archibald Brown Mrs Brown Son Brown Daughter Buchan James Buchan Mrs Buchan Child Brown George Brown Mrs Brown Sons (2) Brown Daughters (2) Cameron James Cameron Mrs Campbell Martin Campbell Mrs Campbell Sons (2) Cochrane John Cochrane Alison Cochrane Margaret Davidson John Davidson Mrs Davidson Child Duguid Alexr. Frew Alexr. Frew Mrs Frew Daughters (2) Fleming John Fleming Mrs Fleming Child Gordon Thomas Gray Robert Gray Mrs Gavin Jas. Gilchrist Millar Gilchrist Sons (2) Gilchrist Daughters (2) Gordon Donald Gordon Mary Gordon John Gibbs Edward Hutton John Martin Matthew Hynd Jas. Harvie John Isdale Alex. Isdale Mrs Isdale Son Justice Wm. Justice Mrs Justice Son Justice Daughter Johnstone Thos. Kinninmouth Andrew Keir James Keir Mrs Keir Son Keir Daughter Mills Jas. Mills Mrs Mills Sons (2) Meikle Ann Moir Wm. Murdoch Robert Murdoch Mrs Murdoch Sons (5) Murdoch Daughter Marchbanks David Marchbanks Mrs Marchbanks Child Mathieson Alex. Munro Daniel Munro Mrs Munro Daughter McLennan Donald McGregor James McGregor Mrs McGregor Sons (2) McGregor Daughter McDonald John McDonald Alexander McDonald Kenneth McDonald Ann McDonald Sarah McAra John McMillan Dugald McMillan Mrs McMillan Sons (5) McMillan Daughters (5) McDonald Arch. McGregor Alex. Mackinnon Angus Mackinnon Sons (2) Mackinnon Daughter Mackay James McIntyre Archibald McNaughton Alexander McNaughton Mrs McNaughton Son McNaughton Daughter McDonald John McDonald Mrs Potter Henry Potter Mrs Potter Sons (2) Potter Daughter Park Thos. Park Mrs Park Son Park Daughters (3) Patterson William Patterson Mrs Patterson Sons (4) Patterson Daughter Parker Wm. Parker Mrs Parker Sons (2) Parker Daughter Robertson Duncan Robertson Mrs Robertson Son Robertson Daughter Robertson Margaret Robertson Susan Seal Thos. Somerville Jane Somerville Janet Somerville Adam Somerville Wm. Smith Wm. Strachan William Strachan Ann Strachan Elizabeth Strachan Agnes Sibbald Jas. D. Smith Wm. Sutherland George Sutherland Robert Thomson Richard Tannock James Tannock Mrs Tannock Son Tannock Daughters (2) Turner Susan Thomson George Wilson Thomson Walker C.R. Whittock David Whittock Mrs Whittock Sons (3) Whittock Daughters (5) Wilson Robert Westland Mary Lees Andw. Dow Janet Dow Margaret Dow David Dow Mrs Dow Sons (2) Dow Daughter Birss Alexander Todd Edward Todd Mrs Todd Sons (2) Todd Daughter Bell Adam Bell Mrs Bell Sons (4) Bell Daughter Marwick Isaac Marwick Hugh Mainland John Reid John Yorstan Hugh Yorstan Mrs Yorstan Sons (3) Yorstan Daughters (3) McColl Archibald McColl Mrs McColl Sons (5) McColl Daughters (2) Corbett James Calder Elizabeth Calder Catherine Calder Johan Loftus John Loftus Mrs McDonald Duncan Tweedie Wm. Tweedie Mrs Tweedie Sons (6) Tweedie Daughters (2) Farquharson William Clark William Clark Mrs Marshall Allan Marshall Mrs Marshall Son Marshall Daughters (2) Milligan Anthony Cameron Wm. Black John Black Mrs Walker William Walker Mrs Walker Sons (5) Walker Daughters (2) Black John Black Mrs Dick Peter Dick Mrs Dick Son Dick Daughter Asher Wm. Park Walter Park Mrs Petrie Jas. Petrie Mrs Watson Walter Watson William Watson Robert Watson Jane Watson Agnes Leith James McGillivray Robert McGillivray Mrs Waugh Thos. Waugh Mrs Dods Christiana McLean Malcolm Adams Andrew Adams Mrs Adams James Adams Jane Adams Andrew Gray Wm. Hunter Peter Marshall James Marshall Mrs Marshall Sons (3) Marshall Daughters (3) Diack Wm. Ginnings Margaret Galbraith Wm. Provost Amelia Provost Edward Provost Isabella Provost James Provost Amelia Stewart Peter Bryce Thos. Bryce Mrs Bryce Sons (6) Bryce Daughter Turnbull Wm. Campbell Chas. Campbell Mrs Campbell Sons (2) Campbell Daughters (6) McLucas Janet McLean Alex. McLean Mrs McLean Sons (2) McLean Daughter Florence Jas. Geary John Geary Mrs Geary Child Wallace James Wallace Mrs Gillies Daniel Gillies Mrs Gillies Son Gillies Daughter Dunlop William Calder Wm. Dixon James Carruth Mrs John Carruth Daughter Simpson Margaret Paul James Hamilton James Blackwood Wm. Blackwood Mrs Blackwood Daughters (5) Blackwood Richard Sinclair Jean Sinclair Jean Sinclair Mary Sinclair Charles Carrick Archibald Haddo Archibald Murray John McLew Robert McConie James Crossgrove James Crossgrove Mrs Crossgrove Sons (3) Dickie Elizabeth Calder Alexander Millar John Millar Mrs Millar Sons (3) Millar Daughters (3) McIndoe James McIndoe Mrs McIndoe Sons (2) McIndoe Daughter Jenkins Wm. G. McFarlane John McFarlane Mrs McBain Elizabeth Calder Arthur Strachan Margaret Begg Alex. Begg James Wallace Chas. Turner Emanuel Gowans Agnes Knox Janet Knox Sons (2) Knox Daughter Calder Mr M. Calder Mrs Bennett J. McMillan Catherine The above list includes 22 carpenters, 6 black- smiths, 1 cabinetmaker, 1 miller, 1 miner, 2 masons, 1 teacher, 1 saddler, 1 shoemaker, 4 gardeners, 17 farmers, 41 ploughmen, 11 shepherds, 32 labourers, 4 dressmakers, and 33 domestic servants. SUMMARY Adults (65 Married couples) ............ 130 Single Males of 12 years and upwards .... 116 Single Females do. do. ........ 56 Male children under 12 years of age ...... 85 Female children do. do. ...... 73 460 Equal to (adults) ..................... 358 BIRTHS Mrs. Black of a son Mrs. Crossgrove of a son Mrs. Dick of a son Mrs. Park of a daughter. DEATHS Elizabeth Walker, aged 4 months Catherine M'Naughton, 2 years William Bryce, 8 years John Robertson, 2 years and nine months Mrs. Gilchrist, of consumption, 34 years Colin Campbell, 18 months Catheritie Frew, 7 months Elspeth Buchan, 10 months Janet Davidson, 18 months. Source: The Otago Witness, 17 Sep 1859
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