AMELIA THOMPSON 480 ton barque Built in 18-- by for
Plymouth (25 Mar 1841) to New Plymouth (3 Sep 1841) via Wellington Under Captain William Dawson WELLINGTON (2 Aug, departed 13 Aug for New Plymouth) CABIN King Capt., R.N. King Lady King Son Davy Capt Davy Son Brown Mr Brown Lady Brown Children (2) Webster Mr Webster Lady Webster Children (3) Wallace Mr Wallace Son Baker Miss Lathwaite Mr Goodall Mr Ibbotson Mr Johnson Mr Halse Mr H. Halse Mr W. Marshall Mr Cooke Mr St. George Mr Evans Mr James (Surgeon) STEERAGE Unknown (160) Source: Australian & NZ Monthly, Vol 1, Num 2, 1842 The New Zealand Gazette, 7 Aug 1841 Letters from New Plymouth, 1843 (transcribed by: 0011998)
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