MARGARET GALBRAITH ton vessel of Built in 18-- at by for
Glasgow (8 Dec 1871) to Port Chalmers (7 Mar 1872) Under Captain Cowan CABIN Russell Miss C. Cameron Rev Mr Cameron Mrs McAra Rev Mr John Ewen Rev Mr Robert Hamilton Mr Andrew Tenerty Mr James I. STEERAGE Unknown (40) Source: The Otago Witness, 9 Mar 1872 Glasgow (25 Oct 1872) to Port Chalmers (30 Jan 1873) Under Captain Cowan CABIN McKerrow Mr McKerrow Mrs Hervey Mrs Hervey Son Wilson Mr Wilson Miss Williams Miss Fleming Rev Mr STEERAGE Unknown (10) Source: The Otago Witness, 1 Feb 1873 London (3 Oct 1874) to Port Chalmers (9 Jan 1875) Under Captain Peebles CABIN Batchelor Mrs Gardener Mr Stacey Mr STEERAGE Sainchbury William 33 Sainchbury Hannah E 33 Sainchbury Elizabeth J 9 Sainchbury Hannah 7 Sainchbury Alice 3 Sainchbury William P 3m Sunchbury (?) John 45 Sunchbury (?) Elizabeth 43 Roc Edward 55 Roc Ann 50 Roc William 15 Roc Emily 11 Grigg Ann A 27 (with Roc party) Grigg Frederic 1 (with Roc party) Keynanen Johan W 39 Keynanen Maria G 31 Keynanen Johan A 6 Firman Alfred 24 Noble Gustavus 20 Noble Fanny 22 Palmer Philip 23 Sims John James 18 [full list not yet transcribed] 136 free and nominated immigrants in total Source: National Archives Microfilm The Otago Witness, 16 Jan 1875 Transcribed by Corey Woodw@rd unless otherwise noted