MARTABAN ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
London to Auckland (8 Oct 1856) Under Captain Lawson Cabin ASHER Benjamin ASHER B. BROOKS Robert DAVIDSON Anthony McKINNEY Rev McKinney Mrs PITCAIRN Robert RAWSON Charles RAWSON Henry WILLIAMS George WILLIAMS George, Jnr WOOLF B. Steerage & Intermediate ADDIS Benjamin Addis Mary Addis Elizabeth BAIRD Sarah BARCLAY James BELCHER Elizabeth Belcher Elizabeth Belcher John CANNING James CHEETHAM Jane CHIP Lucy COOK John COOPER Robert Cooper Sophia CRAWFORD James Crawford Mary Crawford James Crawford Daniel Crawford Betty Crawford Marion Crawford John Crawford Alexander Crawford Mary DAVIES John DUNN Andrew FLEMING Isabella GIBBONS Patrick GIBSON James Gibson Lydia Gibson Ann Gibson John GOUGH Daniel Gough Catherine Gough Daniel Gough John Gough Patrick Gough Catherine Gough Edward Gough Rebecca Gough Ann HAILES William HAITE William Haite Ann Haite Martha Haite Jane HARMAN William HENRY Mary HORNE James LAZARUS Abraham Lazarus Rebecca MAY Anthony May Susan McBRIDE Betsy McCAHILL Patrick McCONOCHY Ann McConochy James McConochy Elizabeth McConochy William McDOUGH Robert McEWEN Andrew McEWEN William McEwen Susan McEwen Mary McEwen Susan McEwen Archibald McEwen William McEwen John McGARRACH John McLAUGHLIN Mary McLOUGHLIN Sarah McLoughlin Marianne McLoughlin Sarah McLoughlin John MORRIS Joseph MURCHIE John Murchie Mary Murchie Mary MURPHY Donald Murphy Lachlan Murphy Betty Murphy Margaret NESBITT John NORTH Thomas North Thomas North Elizabeth PHILLIPS Charles PITLOCK Charles Pitlock Mary POWER Mary REID William SHAW Hannah Shaw Sarah Shaw Harriet SMITH Henry STANWAY Randall SULLIVAN Mary TURRELL George Turrell Betsy Turrell Walter Turrell George Turrell Thomas WARBURTON Hannah WILSON Joseph WITTEN John WYATT James Source: The New Zealander, 11 Oct 1856 (transcribed by: 0032006)
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