MARTHA RIDGWAY 621 ton vessel Built in 1840 in Liverpool
England (9 Jul 1840) to Wellington (14 Nov 1840) Maiden Voyage Under Captain Bissett CABIN Losack Mr T.E. (F.C. Losack) Losack Mrs Losack Children (5) Whitaker Miss Knox Dr Frederick John Knox Mrs Knox Children (5) Robson Mr H. Robson Mrs Moore Mr Geo. James Mr William Ralph Mr W.B. (H.B. Relph) Hine Mr Thomas B. Barnes Mr R.B. Renny Mr Alexander Butler Mr J. Alexander Mr J. Alexander Mr A. Johnson Mr E. STEERAGE Taylor Mr William Taylor James 17 Renall Alfred William Renall Mrs Emma Renall Son Renall Child (niece of Emma, surname Moss?) Unknown (189) Source: The New Zealand Gazette, 21 Nov 1840 Cyclopedia of NZ, Vol 1, Wgtn Prov. p1072-1073 Wairarapa Times-Age, 17 May 2003 Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping The COmmercial Journal, 25 Nov 1840 Transcribed by Corey Woodw@rd