MARY ANN 723 ton ship
London to Auckland (24 Sep 1858) & New Plymouth Under Captain William Ashby For Auckland: ALLEN John BANNATYNE Ninian BELL Caroline BLAKEY Christina Blakey Mary Jane Blakey James Blakey Christina BROWN William & Elizabeth BUDGE Mary D. CAITCHEON William Caitcheon Annabella Caitcheon Sarah Caitcheon Anna Caitcheon Robert Caitcheon William Caitcheon Charlotte Caitcheon Janet CASHEN Henry CAWKWELL William CHAPMAN Alexander CLAPHAM Purcell COFFEE John COFFEY Rachael Coffey Ann COMFORD W.R. CONNOR David COOKE Thomas Cooke Henry COOPER Maurice DAVIDSON Thomas EDMISTON Augustus Edmiston Maria Edmiston Clara Edmiston Clifford Edmiston Philip FROUDE Margaret Froude Robert Froude Margaret GALVIN Thomas HARRISON Maria HARROP Agnes Harrop Mary Ann Harrop Robert Harrop Alexander Harrop Hugo HARROP J.W. HARVEY William T. HUNNEYMAN Stephen Hunneyman Caroline Hunneyman Mary Ann JAMES Robert JIGGS Jerry JOHNSTON George KELLY John Kelly William LAWRENCE Edward LOCHEARD Robert MACKAY John McDONALD John McDonald Annie McKENZIE John NORRIS Hugh PEARCE William PHILLIPSON Thomas Phillipson Francis Phillipson Herbert ROBERTSON John ROBINSON Arthur S. SCOTT Eliza SEIDELL Ernest SINCLAIR Christina SINCLAIR Daniel SMITH Hector W.P. STEVENSON William STEWART Elizabeth SUMMERS William WALKER Frederick Walker Sarah Walker Frederick Walker Sarah Walker William Walker Henry WALKER John WEBB Robert For New Plymouth AVERY William BAKER Edwin CHERRY Benjamin Cherry Elizabeth Cherry George Cherry Emily Cherry Berry Cherry Benjamin CLARK Walter Clark Elizabeth COOK Thomas Cook Mary Ann Cook Mary Ann Cook Elizabeth HANDY John Handy Mary Handy Selina Handy Phillip Handy Ellen RAWSON Dr Thomas, Surgeon RAWSON Mary Rawson Louisa Rawson Alfred Rawson Arthur Rawson Thomas Rawson Herbert Rawson Ernest THOMPSON George Thompson Catherine YOUNG John Young Elizabeth Source: The New Zealander, 29 Sep 1858 (transcribed by: 0032006) Melbourne (07 Apr 1867) to Invercargill Husham Mr M. 50 Source: Victoria Outwards Microfiche
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