MAY QUEEN 735 ton barque Built in 18-- by for
London (20 Aug 1870) to Port Chalmers (8 Nov 1870) Under Captain Leslie CABIN Leslie Mrs Robertson Mr Robertson Mrs Robertson Child Bevan Mr Portway Mr (Portwey) Sieveson Mr (Syverson) STEERAGE Unknown (23) Source: The Otago Witness, 12 Nov 1870 London (26 Aug 1871) to Port Chalmers (15 Nov 1871) Under Captain Leslie CABIN Shair Mrs Calcutt Mrs Calcutt Family (2) Newman Miss Franks Miss Werry Miss Bond Miss Leslie Mrs Leslie Family (2) Gundry Mr Green Mr STEERAGE Unknown (40) Source: The Otago Witness, 18 Nov 1871 London (6 Aug 1873) to Port Chalmers (5 Nov 1873) Under Captain Tatchele STEERAGE Unknown (5) Source: The Otago Witness, 8 Nov 1873 London (19 Aug 1874) to Port Chalmers (13 Nov 1874) Under Captain Tatchell CABIN Tapper Mr Tapper Mrs Tapper Children (2) Haley Mrs Haley Misses (2) Haley Master Taine Miss Taine Master Jones Miss Higgins Rev Mr Glessurs Rev Mr Alexander Mr Sherries Messrs (2) Babott Mr Edmunds Henry Chas. 34 (died 28 Sep) SECOND CABIN Unknown (16) STEERAGE Unknown (37) Source: The Otago Witness, 21 Nov 1874 London (31 Aug 1875) to Port Chalmers (6 Dec 1875) Under Captain Tatchell CABIN Stevens Mr Stevens Mrs Wyles Mr R. Wyles Mr H. Pessey/Fessey Mr SECOND CABIN Randall Mr Brodrick Mr Wyburd Mr STEERAGE Unknown (19/23) Source: The Otago Witness, 6 Nov 1875 The Otago Witness, 11 Dec 1875 London to Tauranga (16 Dec 1881) Under Captain G.G. Colville CABIN Tims Thos. H. # Tims Clara A. # Tims Thos. C. # Macmillan Donald, Capt. # Macmillan Marie, Baroness De La Bache # Macmillan Robert J. # Macmillan Charles E. # Macmillan Eva (Daisy?) # Cockerton Charles Cockerton John A. Dawson B.P. Dawson Emily Dawson Ethel Dawson John Walker Dr Walker Mrs Walker Leslie SECOND CLASS Tims Mrs C.E. # Tims Eleanor R. (Nelly) # Tims Martha C. (Dolly) # Marsh Arscott # Marsh Lucy Jane # Marsh Henry J. Escott Miss M. Escott Miss Bessie Deverell George C. Deverell Ann Deverell Annie Deverell W. James Deverell Henry Thomas Deverell Florence Deverell George H. Deverell Arthur Deverell Edith E. Whyte Robert # Symes Frederick # Pross Alfred Pross Walter Murray Mary A. # McAshie Margaret Welch Geo. # Welch Mary # Welch George T. # Welch Frederick J. # Welch Laura # Welch Moses # Welch Thomas # Welch Matilda # Welch Lilian # Welch Lousia # Welch Margaret # Steel Mrs Carton Samuel C. Carton William Carton John Scott Mary A. Scott Elizabeth Smith Miss Primrose Alderson James Alderson Charlotte Alderson John Alderson Mary Alderson Charlotte Fellowes George R. Fellowes Elizabeth Fellowes Arthur Fellowes Frederick Fellowes Robert Thomas Dorrien Bernard Hunter Mrs J. Griffiths David # Griffiths Martha # Griffiths Edith (Nesta) # Griffiths Charles # Griffiths Pattie # Griffiths Hilda # Creed Jane # Jones William # Jones Emily # Jones Harry # Jones Emily # Jones Frank # Smith Jesse (?) # Hewitt Thomas # Hewitt George # Bates Annie Bates Thomas William Bates Ellen Porter Charles A. Dutton George Dutton Mrs Sweetland William C. Harman David Harman Mrs E. Harman Thomas William Ford Henry Ford Mrs Jane Ford Annie Ford Philip Ford Ada Ford Arthur Swails John F. (F.T.?) # Moseley Henry # Grittens Thomas # Plant Thomas Williams Thomas Cowan Joseph Chandler Miss S. Bamford William Clark Jessie R. Renard Heman Slatter John (Benoni) Wallace Francis SUMMARY OF STEERAGE AND CABIN PASSENGERS Married Single Chldn Infts TL English 28 41 30 6 105 Scotch 0 3 0 0 3 Irish 0 4 0 0 4 Total number of statute adults - 91 # = Passengers for Tauranga (Total Adults 41, souls 46) Source: The Bay of Plenty Times, 17 Dec 1881 The Bay of Plenty Times, 19 Dec 1881 Transcribed by Corey Woodw@rd