NORTHFLEET 951 ton ship Built in 18-- by for
London to Auckland (Feb 1854) via Wellington & Canterbury Under Captain N. Pentreath ASHER Miss BATES J.A. BATIN Mr Batin Child COOTES Mr Cootes Mrs Cootes Children (4) CROSS Mr Cross Mrs DARY Mrs Dary Children (2) DRY Mr Dry Mrs HUTCHINSON Miss KELLETT Mr Kellett Mrs Kellett Child KINDER Mr KINNIS Mr M. LEARD G. MUNDAY M. Munday Mrs Munday Children (2) READ Alex ST HILL Mr W. TERRY J. TYLER H.M. Source: The New Zealander, 4 Feb 1854 (transcribed by Jacqueline Walles) Transcribed by Corey Woodw@rd unless otherwise noted