RAKAIA ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
London to Auckland (10 Aug 1881) Under Captain Bone SALOON FOSTER Frances FOSTER Francis J FOSTER Frederick FOSTER Frederick FOSTER Kate PHILPOTS Frank G ROTHERAM Georgiana SURTEES A C Miss WILMOTT Agnes WILMOTT Charles WILMOTT Charles D SECOND CABIN BINGHAM Harry R BINGHAM Mary COPLAND John CORBETT Alfred CRAIG Francis CRAIG Hugh ELLIOTT William GILMOUR Eliza GILMOUR Hugh GILMOUR Hugh K GILMOUR James GILMOUR Matthew GILMOUR William LEDBETTER William PARR Elizabeth PARR Frances PARR George PARR John PARR Robert PARR William STEPHENSON David STEPHENSON David STEPHENSON Eleanor STEPHENSON Hessie STEPHENSON Mrs STEPHENSON Richard STEPHENSON Samuel STEERAGE CARLTON Annie CARLTON Bridget CARLTON Francis CARLTON James CARLTON Joseph CARLTON Kate CARLTON Margaret CARLTON Mary CARLTON Mary CARLTON Matilda COX Archibald COX Elsie COX Emily COX Lydia COX Marie COX Mary E COX William COX William DICKS Sophie JAMIESON John LEAN John MARTIN Ellen PURKISS William J REID Infant REID Mary STANWELL Annie STANWELL Ella STANWELL Fanny STANWELL Frank STANWELL George STANWELL George STANWELL Mary A SURFLEET M Mrs TILLING Annie TWIGG Robert WILLIAMS Philip "The Rakaia arrived in Auckland from London on Wednesday, after a smart passage from land to land. She brings a large number of passengers, a considerable proportion of whom come with well-lined pockets. Some proceed to Mr G V Stewart's Te Puke settlement, whilst others intend seeking suitable land to commence farming operations". Source: The Bay of Plenty Times, 13 Aug 1881 Transcribed by Christine Clement