RAMILLIES ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
Tilbury (14 Apr 1847) to Auckland (6 Aug 1847) Under Captain McLean & Surgeon Dr Cunningham, RN. ADDISON George ALEXANDER John ARNOLD John BARR William BATES John BEECHING John BEER Thomas BESWICK Charles Jefferson BOLTON R.E. BOOTH William John BOWES Dennis BOYT William BURNS Peter BUTLER William CAPRON John COSSEY William CUNNINGHAM R.N. Dr. DAVIS James DAY Richard DICKIE John DOUGLAS John DURBRIDGE Charles FILMER William FRIEND Richard GAPPER Thomas GILLESPIE Hamilton GRANT Robert GUNNING Edward HEALEY Peter HILL George HUDGINS Richard HYDE Timothy IRVINE John IRWIN William KEARNS James KELLY Michael KELLY Patrick KENNY William Henry Mjr. KERR John LAVERY Henry MANDER John Jordan McCOMBIE Alexander McCUTCHEON William McGHEE John McGUINESS Stephen McLEAN Capt. McPIKE John McREYNOLDS William McSHERRY Thomas MOONEY James MOORE Charles NIXON Adam NORTHWOOD Francis O'BRIEN John ODLUM Thomas OWEN William PALMER Edward PEGUM Thomas PIPER Jesse PRICE Acheson PURCELL Martin PURCELL Patrick RAFFERTY Michael REECE William SULLIVAN Jeremiah SUTHERLAND Alexander TURNER William TYMON Barnard WALKER Alexander WHITING Joseph WINDSOR Joseph 1st Detachment of NZ Corps of Royal NZ Fencibles Major William Henry KENNY 73rd Reg. Including Lieutenant Colonel BOLTON Royal Engineers and 12 Sappers and Miners. Pensioners 67, Women 57, Children 123 Source: The New Zealander, 7 Aug 1847 (transcribed by Jacqueline Walles) Transcribed by Corey Woodw@rd unless otherwise noted