REGIA 181 ton barque Built in 18-- by for
Sydney (1 May 1840) to Waikouaiti Under Captain Hawker Watkins Rev Mr J. Watkins Family Morgan Mr W., jun. Source: The Commercial Journal, 2 May 1840 (transcribed by: 0011998) The Old Whaling Days by Robert McNab, 1913 (transcribed by: 0011998) Sydney (26 Aug 1840) to New Zealand Under Captain Kyle Geary Mr Source: The Commercial Journal, 29 Aug 1840 (transcribed by: 0011998) Sydney (2 Jan 1841) to New Zealand Under Captain Kyle Ames Mr Ames Mrs Ames Child Savage Mr Cameron Mr Scott Mr Wood Mr Macfarlane Mr Allwright Mr Beers Mr Foster Mr Brown Mr G. Brown Mr T. Paton Mr Cormack Mr Connelly Mr Bolton Mr Holmes Mr Workman Mr Hall Mr Source: The Free Press & Commercial Journal, 6 Jan 1841 (transcribed by: 0011998) Sydney (13 Apr 1842) to Wellington Under Captain Kyle Crocan Dr Anderson Mr Anderson Mrs Nowlan Mrs Cooper Mr McLean Mr Sheval Mr Source: The Sydney Free Press, 14 Apr 1842 (transcribed by: 0011998) Sydney to Wellington (22 Jan 1843) Under Captain Kyle Reeves Mrs Reeves Servant Bolton Mr Barrett Mr Cooper Mr Brown Mr Source: The New Zealand Gazette, 28 Jan 1843 (transcribed by: 0011998)
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