SARAH PILE 115 ton schooner Built in 18-- by for
Sydney to Port Chalmers (23 Jan 1865) Under Captain Yull CABIN Green Mr D. Drayer Mr W. Shanks Mr A. Dunphy Mr J. Price Mr G.A. Webster Mr J.T. McIntosh Mr H. Brown Mrs STEERAGE Unknown (3) Source: The Otago Witness, 28 Jan 1865 Sydney to Dunedin (8 Jun 1865) Under Captain Yull Martell Mr Thomas Dick Mr Thomas Bunyan Mr George Source: The Otago Witness, 10 Jun 1865 Sydney to Dunedin (29 Nov 1865) Under Captain W.R. Yull Kingsbury Mr A. Stenley Mr T. Source: The Otago Witness, 2 Dec 1865 Transcribed by Corey Woodw@rd