SIR GEORGE POLLOCK (First ship direct from London to Bluff) 630 ton vessel
Queenstown (16 May 1859) to Auckland (5 Sep 1859) Under Captain Withers MILITARY SHAWE Capt, 40th Regt MUTTIT Ensign SCOTT Asst Surgeon 1 Sergeant 65th Regt Unknown 60 rank & file Unknown 6 women Unknown 3 children PASSENGERS AVERY Edwin AVERY Lucy Avery William Henry Avery Edwin Thomas Avery Jane BRICE Mary W BROWN Eliza Brown Robert Brown Margaret BROWN Robert BRYCE Dugald Bryce John BURKE Maria F CONNELL Ellen Connell Susan Connell Honora Connell John Connell Ellen Connell Mary Frances Connell Patrick Connell William Joseph CONNELL John COULEY (CONLEY) Thomas Cozens Elizabeth DOBBIN(G?) Harry DREVER William EDMOND (Edmund) David GALLIVAN Bridget Gallivan Honora (Hannah?) HICKEY Elinor HOLDSWORTH George Holdsworth Mary KELLY Edward LINAHAN Richard McARDELL Margaret NAYLOR George O’BRIEN Francis O’BRIEN Margaret O'Brien Mary O'Brien Margaret O'Brien Henry OGILVIE Alex PURCEL Mary RAWLINSON John SANDERS Charles SMITH Archibald STANTON Henry STANTON Sally Stanton Mary Stanton Amelia WELLS Frederick WILLIAMS Ann Williams Lucy Williams Ann BISSETT Alex. BRIGHOUSE Thomas BROWN George BROWNSDON R Brownsdon Mary Ann BRYCE Marjory McDonald CHEER James Cheer James Cheer Sarah CREAGH John Creagh Michael C Creagh Randolph Creagh Gertrude Creagh Arthur DRIVER Arch. FITZPATRICK Marg. LOVELOCK Mary Ann MacEWAN G MOORE J Moore Marg. Moore Ed Moore John Moore Mary Moore William Moore Marg Moore James Moore Mary NEIL Thomas Neil Barry Neil Bartholomew Source: The New Zealander, 20 Aug 1859 The New Zealander, 7 Sep 1859 (transcribed by: 0032006) Passengers who embarked at London and disembarked at Bluff Jan 1863 Beaven Alfred 23 Buxton Thomas 31 Buxton Ann Buxton Mary Buxton Henry Buxton Margaret Buxton William Clark David Fraser 3 Clark Martha Clark David Hodkinson Sampson Rutland Edwin Rutland Amelia Fleck John Fleck Mary Ward Mark Ward Mary Ward Catherine Ward John Ward Alexander Ward Hillary Smith John Smith Martha Smith Kate Smith John Smith Larinia Smith Fanny Smith George Smith Sophia Smith Fredk. Wm Livesey Jabez Livesey Mary Robinson Joseph Robinson Mary Ann Christie John Christie Janet Christie Isabella Gourlay Jane Rowe James Letcher Richard Dale Wm Henry Charlesworth Mary O'Toole Thomas Devally Peter Devally Bessy Devally Patrick Devally Mary Anne Devally Thomas Devally Michael Devally Joseph Devally Lizzy Devally Peter Coulston Miles Coulston Mary Coulston Isabella Coulston Elizabeth Coulston Thomas Coulston Mary Coulston Jane Mauir Angus Mauir Jessie Mauir Marion McLaren Margaret Crean Bedilia Joyce Bridget Kuipe William Kuipe Louisa Kuipe George Kuipe Emily Kuipe Hannah Kuipe Matilda Hanley Matthias Hanley Mary Hanley Isabella Monohan James Monohan Anne Finnie Edward Fraser David Thewartha Joseph North Issac Charles Lampert Thomas Lampert Mrs Newall Catherine Newall William Newall Margarte Newall Thomas Sanderson Francis Sanderson Ivan Sanderson John Rule William Donovan Ellen Donovan Francis Donovan Dennis Collins Walter Collins Kate Hines Mary Forde James Forde Bridget Canfield Mary Canfield John Collins Eleanor Brown Gilbert Brown Mrs Fraser Hector Donovan Ellen CABIN Giller Mrs Giller Children (5) Brown E.M. Densham Dr. Source: Southland News & 50th Jubilee Reply List (transcribed by: 0011998)
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