SIR WILLIAM EYRE ton vessel of Built in 18-- at by for
Passengers who embarked at ? and disembarked at Bluff Apr 1863 Edward James Swan Peter Swan Isabella Swan Mary Swan Jane Swan Ellen Stewart Robert Stewart Alice Stewart Peter McLean John McLean Isabella McLean Mary McLean Sarah McLean Duncan McLean Isabella McLean Margaret McLean Janet McKeller Archibald Gibson Andrew Gibson Sarah Gibson Margaret Gibson Catherine Munro Catherine Munro John Gibson Robert Gibson Mrs Livingstone D Morton James Morton Isabella Morton Grace Deacon John Deacon Isabella Deacon Agnes Cadenhead David Cadenhead Mary Cadenhead Mary Cadenhead Ellen Cadenhead John Shaw James Shaw Mary Shaw Elizabeth Shaw Mary Anne Lindsay David Lindsay Jane Goodsir W T Lanchre John Lanchre Mrs Smith S Hutchison James Hutchison Jessie Corbett William Corbett Jane Corbett Maurice Corbett John Gilchrist William Bryson Francis Bryson Agnes Bryson Agnes Bryson James Bryson Mary Tannock James Tannock Mary Tannock William Tannock Margaret Brenner S Mason Alexander Smith William Smith Charlotte Smith William Smith James Smith Jane Taylor Samuel Herffordine Edward Herffordine Eliza Bruirton J Dyke R Walker James Walker Mary Walker John Weir Archibald Weir Isabella Weir Isabella Weir William 12 Weir Archibald Weir Albert Weir Jessie Weir John McPherson John McPherson Anne Cook James Cook Jessie Cook Margaret Sime Robert Anderson James Cormack Angus Cormack Alexander Forsyth Joseph Melvin John Nicol Catherine Boyd Margaret McLean James Brownlie William Fraser Alexander Geddes William Hislop John Hislop Mary Hislop Margaret McGregor James Smith Margaret McIver Neil McIver Mrs Thorburn James McFarlane Peter McFarlane Mrs Carrol John Carrol Mrs Carrol John McFarlane Isabella McFarlane Donald McDonald Mary Henderson Elizabeth Cumming Robert Cumming Agnes Henderson James Henderson Mary Melvin Margaret Cameron Hugh Russell P Tait Robert Tait Mrs Tait John Tait George Tait Ellen Tait Robert Tait Janet Tait William Tait Alexander Tait James Allison John Allison Mrs Allison Jane Allison John Allison James Harvey Robert Harvey Mrs Craig Andrew Craig Robert Douglas James McLellan Robert Jamieson John Carmichael D Carmichael Mrs Carmichael Mary Carmichael Ann Carmichael Margaret Carmichael Isabella Carmichael Allan Carmichael Hugh Carmichael Agnes Carmichael Donald Gardiner George Ross John Ross Mrs Ross Mary Anne Mailer William Sharp D Craig James Hamilton Margaret Hohet John Ross Peter Aitkenhead Andrew Young Hugh Lockie John Lockie Mrs Lockie James Lockie Eliza Balfour William Balfour Mrs Balfour James Scott John Scott Jane Scott Douglas Scott Andrew Scott Jane McLennaghan William Craig Bryce Grey John Johnstone J Hamilton Robert Hamilton Mrs Hamilton Jeanie Hamilton John Hamilton James Hamilton Robert Hamilton Elizabeth Morton Miss Paterson Hugh Paterson Marion Paterson James Paterson Samuel Paterson John Paterson Hugh Barr George (with Paterson party) Source: The Southland Times & 50th Jubilee Reply List Note: There was a Scarlet Fever Epidemic during this voyage Transcribed by Corey Woodw@rd