ROYAL NEW ZEALAND FENCIBLES From 1847 through 1848 five settlements were formed near Auckland, in frontier areas, comprised of British ex-Regulars and their families. These were to provide trained men in the event that they were needed to defend Auckland. The five "pensioner villages" overlooked the main water access ways into Auckland and formed a first line of defence. Around 700, mainly Irish, ex-Regular settlers joined the scheme and were granted a cottage and 1 acre of land in exchange for light military service. The military settlers supplied Auckland and ships with fresh produce grown in their spare time, and provided much needed rural labour. The ships that carried the Royal New Zealand Fencibles to New Zealand were: Ramillies - Aug 1847 Minerva - Oct 1847 Sir Robert Sale - Oct 1847 Sir George Seymour - Nov 1847 Clifton - Jan 1848 Clevedon - Jan 1848 Oriental Queen - Sep 1849 If you have further information on this immigration scheme feel free to send it to webmaster "at", You will be acknowledged as the contributor. Source: Encyclopedia of New Zealand, Government Printer, 1966 Compiled by Corey Woodw@rd Did you find this page using a search engine? Click here --> New Zealand Yesteryears