NANTO-BORDELAISE COMPANY This was a company that was set up in France to facilitate the creation of a French colony on the middle island (South Island) of New Zealand in 1840 at what is now known as Akaroa. A French whaler had "purchased" Banks Penisula from the Maoris in 1838 and had sailed back to France to convince the government of France to back his idea of a colony there. Captain Jean Langlois eventually pursuaded King Louis-Philippe to support the idea and the French government provided a transport ship for 80 colonists and sent a French warship in advance for their protection. Unfortunately for the disappointed French settlers, Britain had finally, after much dithering, claimed New Zealand during their voyage to the other side of the world and they landed in circumstances somewhat different from that which they had envisaged. Agreement was achieved between the British representatives and the French settlers that allowed them to continue their project and thus they founded a small piece of France in New Zealand. The French company's remaining interests were sold to the New Zealand Company in 1849 for 4,500. Ships which carried French settlers to Akaroa included: Comte de Paris - 1840 Monarch - 1850 If you have further information on this immigration scheme feel free to send it to webmaster "at", You will be acknowledged as the contributor. Further Reading Encyclopedia of New Zealand, Vol 1 pg 28. 1966 The French at Akaroa by T.K. Buick. 1928 French Akaroa by Peter Tremewan. 1990 Compiled by Corey Woodw@rd Did you find this page using a search engine? Click here --> New Zealand Yesteryears