The long looked for Adamant was signalled ??? (Wednesday) afternoon. During the morning Captain Thomson, harbourmaster, boarded her in the Straits. The wind failing, the vessel was unable to reach the usual anchorage grounds, and Pilot Smith was left in charge for the night, Captain Thomson returning to the shore. We have learned that there were six deaths during the passage: one woman, three children, and the master of the ship, Captain Birch, who died six weeks before sighting the Bluff. On arrival of the Express, due tomorrow, she will be engaged to tow the Adamant into port. As the vessel has not yet been passed by the Health Officer, we are unable to give particulars of her voyage out. Also the same day... ARRIVAL OF THE ADAMANT - The Adamant has at last reached our shores, but nothing is as yet known of the particulars of her long passage of 140 days. She is now lying in the stream at Bluff Harbor, and will be boarded today by the Health Officer. No indications of present sickness or distress have been given, but we learn that six deaths occurred during the voyage, one of them being that of the captain, who, we are informed, died six weeks ago.
The Immigrants - All the immigrants by the Adamant, excepting a number of nominated ones who have gone to their friends in Dunedin, were brought to town on Saturday. The barracks are now pretty well filled, and Mr and Mrs Lillicrap have just now enough to do. Converted to electronic form by Corey Woodw@rd