THE "MELBOURNE" The fine new clipper ship "Melbourne," Captain John Robertson, from Leith, with immigrants and general cargo, arrived off Otago Heads on the 16th instant, and was safely anchored early next morning at Port Chalmers. The "Melbourne," on starting from Home, experienced very severe weather, which compelled her to put in to Grimsby until it abated; after which she set sail, leaving that port on the 10th Decr., Portsmouth on the 12th, and reached Otago after a pleasant passage of 92 days. She has brought us upwards of 200 passengers, who appear to be a robust and healthy set of people, to whom we accord a hearty welcome, and wish them all success in their new country. Only one death occurred during the voyage, a child, who was in bad health when brought on board: there was also one birth. We are informed, that in every respect the passage was an agreeable one, scarcely anything occurring to mar the good feeling and harmony which existed on board from the beginning to the end of the voyage. Marvellous to relate, a sum of 5 was subscribed by the passengers, and presented to their cook for his kindness and attention to their wants during the voyage. The contrast which this state of things present to the experience of many of the ships arriving here is highly gratifying, and results, we have little doubt, from the ludicious selection of the Captain, whose experience of the colony and knowledge of the wants of immigrants on a long voyage, make his services as the commander of an immigrant ship peculiarly valuable. Some delay occurred in landing the immigrants, in consequence of there being no steamer at command on the arrival of the "Melbourne." Many of the passengers found their way to Dunedin in small boats, the mass were, however, landed on Wednesday by the "Storm Bird. "The "Melbourne" is laid on for London, and as there is a considerable quantity of wool waiting for shipment, she will probably meet with quick dispatch. She will be the third wool ship of the season loading at this Port for London direct. Converted to electronic form by Corey Woodw@rd