The barque Minerva arrived at Canterbury on the 28th ult., after a good passage of 102 days from Gravesend, or 93 from land to land. Early in the voyage measles broke out; most of the children took the complaint, but it soon passed off safely under the able treatment of the surgeon, Mr. Wil- liams. The accession to our population by this vessel is considerable, though some of the passen- gers are for Otago and other provinces. They in- clude several old colonists revisiting our shores, who represent the new comers as of a very high class generally. The following passengers for Otago arrived in the Minerva:- Mr and Mrs. McMaster, Messrs. Neilson, Fullerton, and Stewart, and Mar- garet Thomson - Lyttelton Times Converted to electronic form by Corey Woodw@rd