OTAGO WITNESS 19 June 1852
Loss of the Brig "Sisters." It is with sincere regret we have to record the total loss of the brig: Sisters, Captain Clarke, at Turanganui, in Poverty Bay, on the afternoon of Good Friday. Captain Clarke was about to proceed to Ahuriri, and was on the point of getting under weigh when he was suddenly caught by a violent south-east gale, and in spite of every exertion he could use to save the vessel, was driven by the gale on the rocks. The long boat was launched, and all, except three hands who remained on board, got to shore. Capt. Clarke then prepared to return; but the long boat was half filled from the sea breaking over her, and he was obliged to make a signal to those on board to leave the vessel, which they safely accomplished in the jolly boat. The Sisters shortly afterwards went to pieces, and her cargo on board was entirely lost. We understand the Benlonmomd, a small coasting vessel of 30 tons, was subsequently lost near the same spot. Converted to electronic form by Corey Woodw@rd