THOMAS HARRISON - EXTRACTS FROM THE LOG National Archives, Wellington NZ. 21st September 1976
1842. Monday 23rd May: Towed down river from the locks to Deptford. Tuesday 24th May: Thick weather with rain. Got the immigrants on board at 10 and proceeded to Gravesend. Wednesday 25th May: Loading stores and preparing to sail... "All ready to weigh", shipped three men and discharged two. Thursday 26th May: Strong winds, squally with constant rain. Weighed 1 am. "Southern Johnny" towed us as far as ( ? ). Made sail and at 10.30 pm came to anchor on the Downs in 7 fathoms and 30 fathoms of chain, so ends .... Friday 27th May: Fine. At 10 pm anchored off Dungeness in 9 fathoms. Made Cape Beachy Head NW by W, 5 leagues. This day continuing 36 hours ends at noon to commence Nautical Time..... Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May: Entries concerned with sail setting, tacking etc. Monday 30th May: discovered one of the emigrant children had the measles. Beachy Head Light 7 leagues East. 50-43 N; 00.35 W. Wednesday 1st June: The emigrants bedding on deck to air and cleaned the between decks out. The child that had the measles is rather better. 50.20 N; 1.58 W. Saturday 4th June: Emigrants bedding on deck and the people looking miles finer. Still seasick. 18.51 N. Tuesday 7th June: Emigrants bedding on deck. 2 females and 2 children measles. All the rest well. 43.48 N; 11.2 W. Thursday 10th June: (note that one day has been advanced by 24 hours in the log book). At 8 pm. Mrs Manson has been delivered of a female child. Sunday 12th June: (no entry for Saturday and the date now adjusted) Lydia Harrison liberated from Hospital being cured of measles... beds on deck. Discovered 3 more of the children to have taken the measles viz: Isaac Walker, George Griffin and Sarah Walker. Performed Divine Service. Monday 13th June: Light conditions. Emigrants luggage up out of hold. Emigrants bedding on deck. Two more of the children have the measles viz: Emma Hodgkinson & Thomas Smith. Tuesday 14th June: Cleared Emigrants berths between decks. 38.15 N; 18.50 W. Wednesday 15th June: Thomas Hill taken ill aged 3 years with the measles. Thursday 16th June: Emigrants beds on deck. Saturday 18th June: Lydia Hodginson allowed to leave Hospital having recovered. W. Young 10 months taken with measles. (All daily entries concerned with wind, weather, sail setting crew employment, references to health of emigrants where appropriate. Divine Service recorded each Sunday) Tuesday 21st June: 30.00 N; 21.29 W. Wednesday 22nd June: Francis Moon one of the Seamen was striking the boy because he had taken thick vinegar by mistake and a few days back was fighting with the Cook. The Captain cautioned him not to do so again, if he did he must take the consequences. Friday 24th June: This evening the Emigrants complained of the water and requested a little spirit to put into it. Tuesday 28th June: George Walker taken ill with measles. 13.8 N; 16 W. Saturday 2nd July: At 1 pm served out lime juice to the Emigrants. Sunday 3rd July: Ship pitching heavily. Tuesday 5th July: 7-10 N. Wednesday 6th July: John Walker (10 yrs) and George Walker (2 yrs) came out of Hospital. Saturday 9th July: 3 pm spoke a strange sail proved to be a French frigate bound for Buenos Aires, sent a boat on board; at 4 returned and made sail. At 4 am. the wife of John Horton safely delivered of a female child. Monday 11th July: Spoke to "William Grey" of Boston bound to the Sandwich Islands. Tuesday 12th July: Emigrants luggage up. -58 N. 23-7 W. Thursday 14th July: Ellen Richardson an infant died at 5 am has been ill since embarkation. (more odd sickness reported including one crew man) Friday 15th July: Committed the body of Ellen Richardson to the deep. Sunday 17th July: 3-22 N; 22-11 W. Monday 18th July: (Concerning a muster of Emigrants).... Emigrants excepting George Chapple, Joshua Taylor, Jas Milburne & John Humphrey who would not attend when called. Dr Renwick consequence (stopped) their provisions excepting bread & water until further orders. Tuesday 19th July: Filling water casks and making fore hatch tarpaulin. At 1 am Mr Atkinson an Emigrant passenger complained that Cullen seaman had struck him without cause and bruised his face. Cullen reprimanded by Captain. The single men whose rations were stopped on Sunday allowed them again on promise of better behaviour excepting Chapelle. Wednesday 20th July: At 11 passed 2 sail, 1 barque & 1 brig standing to the Westward. 3-58 N; 19-36 W. Tuesday 26th July: 7 pm (postponed ?) the ceremony of crossing the line until 8. Thursday 28th July: 2 pm sighted the island of Fernando de Noronha... bearing SW by S a distance of about 10 leagues. Friday 29th July: John Riley aged 21 taken ill with the measles. Saturday 30th July: At 8 am made up my mind to stand to N'ward into the (bbles?) and move to Eastward finding we could not weather Cape St Roque for the strong (?) current. Thursday 11th August: Emigrants luggage up. Sunday 14th August: Mustered the Emigrants. Dr Renwick performed Divine Service. Thursday 18th August: John Riley out of Hospital cured of measles. All the Emigrants bedding and luggage up on deck to air. Friday 26th August: Robt. Manson let out of Hospital cured of the measles (being the last) Saturday 27th August; Finding we have but 7,800 gallons of water on board, have ordered everyone to be put on a (ration?) of 5 pints per diem. It will thus last 72 days. Sunday 27th August: Emigrants came aft to me with Sloeman at their head, complain of their pint of water having been stopped. When I explained to them the necessity they went away apparently satisfied. pm told the Emigrants that as they had behaved themselves, I would give them grog twice a week while on short allowance. Monday 28th August: Shop rolling heavily throughout the night, very heavy sea running. Thursday 9th September: A very heavy sea running throughout causing the ship to labour. John Shaw seaman thrown over wheel, hurt his back. Saturday 11th September: Very heavy swell from S.W. causing ship to roll very much. Shaw and Browne still below. Thursday 15th September: Emigrants had their baggage up. Friday 16th September: The Deputy Supt. asked if the children were not allowed to have grog. Tuesday 27th September: At ? Mrs Crawford miscarried, very ill in consequence. At 6.15 Mrs Browns was safely delivered of a female child (and) is doing well. Thursday 29th September: At 6.30 pm dark cloudy weather winds variable with much lightning, at 7.30 pm wind suddenly shifted in a hail storm and while we were taking in the mainsail, a heavy (?) of thunder broke over us between the main and mizzen mast. The lightning shattered the same as a shell or rocket bursting, breaking 15 of the Cuddy windows, splintered basic (?) Staff (?) and Royal mast head, started (?) copper off the portholes (?), slightly cracked (?) the main mast at the top of the main top sail mast and appears to have gone out of the starboard gangway. The report was tremendous - sounded (?). All was found right. Thursday 6th October: 6 pm Ellen Rose Haycock age 1 year died of Croup after a very short illness. Saturday 8th October: heavy seas, gales. Committed body of Ellen Haycock to the deep with the usual ceremonies. Sunday 9th October: Mustered Emigrants and performed Divine Service between decks. Monday 10th October: Emigrants luggage stowed in forward hold. Wednesday 12th October; Heavy sea. Monday 13th October:? (Some date mix up here) Robinson and Browne returned to duty. (those two seamen had been recorded as sick or invalid over past entries for some 10 days) Wednesday 15th October: Browne again laid up. Sunday 16th October: Clouds lying heavily over Tasmania (alias Van Diemen's Land) but we did not see land. Mustered the Emigrants. Sunday 23rd October: Got both anchors over the bows and both anchor chains. 8 am saw the Middle Island (Now known as South Island) New Zealand bearing ENE and SE. Monday 24th October: Thick rain and mist, strong breezes and squally. Double reefed topsails. Midnight, fresh gales and dark clouds. 5 am saw the High land near Rocky Point bearing S.E. by 8 or 9 leagues - made all sail. A fresh gale blowing free SW by S. 9.20 am Passed Cape Farewell distant 5 or 6 miles. Tuesday 25th October: Moderate winds and clear, all sails set. Tacked and sour?? as required. Got the Jolly Boat, the Long Boat and 2 Boa.. for landing the Emigrants. Cross came on board and took the ship in. At 12 came into 6 fathoms and at 1 moored with both anchors. Wednesday 26th October: Employed landing Emigrants and their luggage. First moderate winds and clear from S.W. pm Fresh winds & squall with rain from the N.W. Thursday 27th October: No entries. Friday 28th October: On this day the Emigrants received their back rations stopped during the voyage. Converted to electronic form by Jim Stevens
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