Shipboard Diaries
Passage to New Zealand

J.L. Nicholas, Active, Sydney to Bay of Islands 1814
J. Buller, Patriot, Sydney to Hokianga 1836
E.J. Wakefield, Tory, Plymouth to Wellington 1840
A. Marjoribanks, Bengal Merchant, London to Wellington 1840
Revd. James Watkin, Regia, Sydney to Waikouaiti 1840
Captain's Log, Thomas Harrison, London to Nelson 1842
McLeod Orbell, Mariner, England to Otago 1849
Richard Pheney, Eden, London to New Plymouth 1850
Edward Ward, Charlotte Jane, Plymouth to Lyttelton 1850
Unknown Author, Charlotte Jane, Plymouth to Lyttelton 1850
Unknown Author, Randolph, Plymouth to Lyttelton 1850
Unknown Author, Sir George Seymour, Plymouth to Lyttelton 1850
Unknown Author, Cressy, Gravesend to Lyttelton 1850
C. Warren Adams, Canterbury, London to Lyttelton 1851
John Rochfort, Marmora, Gravesend to Lyttelton 1851
Edwin Hodder, John Blank, London to Nelson 1858
Thomas Barnhill, Cheviot, Greenock to Dunedin 1859
George Manners, Tornado, Liverpool to Auckland 1859
Unknown Author, Pirate, Melbourne to Otago 1860
Samuel Butler, Roman Emperor, London to Lyttleton 1860

Thomas Reid, Robert Henderson, Glasgow to Bluff 1862
Sarah Courage, Frenchman, Plymouth to Lyttelton 1863
Lady Barker, Albion, Melbourne to Lyttelton 1865
Rev Robert Taylor, Hydaspes, London to Lyttelton 1869
Marianne Manchester, Excelsior, London to Auckland 1870
The Memorable Voyage of the Barque Adamant 1875
Emily Summerhays, Halcione, Gravesend to Wellington 1875
Frances Pheney, Dallam Tower, England to Port Chalmers 1878
Alfred Simmons, Stad Haarlem, Plymouth to Lyttelton 1879
The Surgeon's Log, Crusader, London to Lyttelton 1879
William Harris, British Empire, London to Auckland 1879
Unknown Passenger, Lady Jocelyn, London to Tauranga 1881
Robert Ferguson, Pleiades, Glasgow to Dunedin 1886
John Fraser, Ionic, Plymouth to Port Chalmers 1888

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Jessie Campbell, Blenheim from Greenock to Wellington - 1840

Alfred Fell, Lord Auckland from Gravesend to Nelson - 1841

Isaac Hardy, Larkins from London to Port Chalmers - 1849

Robert Hutton, Cartsburn from Greenock to Port Chalmers - 1874